There are words. And then there are other words.

Originally posted May 5, 2012

Hamlet is no secret. It is the most frequently produced of Shakespeare’s works. We Happy Few isn’t making the text modern. We definitely aren’t re-writing the ending. What we are doing is cutting the play in half. In order to fulfill the requirements of Capital Fringe, the play will be 90 minutes in length- that means we’ve cut more than half of the text and we’re focusing on what is most exciting and most thought-provoking about Hamlet.

We’re also reading between the lines. Director Hannah Todd says, “In cutting the script down to 90 minutes, I definitely had to pick and choose what to focus on. For this production, the focus was on the darker, more violent elements of the play- the textual material that supports and informs this concept of blurring the line between what’s actually happening and what Hamlet is fantasizing about.” By focusing on Hamlet’s psychosis and the exaggerations between the physical and fanatical, We Happy Few is tackling an aspect of the play that is generally taken for granted- the violence.

“Of course, it’s a pretty dark and violent play to begin with,” continues Todd. “We’re hoping to zero in on a Hamlet who’s even more isolated, and possibly much more disturbed, than most of the Hamlet’s you see.”

Rehearsals for Hamlet are starting up soon. Check out our word cloud of the newest cut of the script below for a sneak-peek.

WHF Hamlet Wordle

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