HAMLET opens to rave reviews

After just two performances, critics agree that We Happy Few’s production of Hamlet is a must-see at this year’s Capital Fringe Festival.

We Happy Few’s six-actor, 90-minute Hamlet explores a darker, more violent take on the play, and asks: What if it is all in Hamlet’s head? Hamlet is consumed by his own thoughts, but what if he truly can’t escape? The line between what Hamlet fantasizes and what’s really happening starts to blur…

Directed by Hannah Todd and featuring Chris Genebach,* Gordon Adams, Sandy Bainum,* Raven Bonniwell, Billy Finn,* and James Whalen.*

Any Shakespeare fan should see this pared-down cut of Hamlet, one of his most produced plays. The play enjoys new life with a freshly-cut script and innovative directorial choices, pushing the boundaries of violence and sanity.

“..this Hamlet is rooted in the script itself; after all, Shakespeare’s twist on the revenge tragedy was to make his hero inert, wrestling with being and action, conscience and emotional distress. This Hamlet simply takes that root and, like bamboo, makes it the forest.” – Maryland Theatre Guide

Using just 6 actors to play a cross-section of the play’s most infamous characters, director Hannah Todd explores a dream-like atmosphere in these chaotic scenes, involving a remarkable amount of carefully-staged brutality.

“This choice gave me a new perspective on the play and I found it to be inspiring.” – DC Metro Theatre Arts

“Chris Genebach gives a tour-de-force performance as a Hamlet so stuck in his own neurosis, the line between reality and fantasy has blended in the darkest possible way. If dark’s what this troupe was going for, it certainly succeeded.” – DC Theatre Scene

“This Hamlet soars not only because of the power of the acting and, of course, the Bard’s gift of word beyond compare in the English-speaking world, but also because of the directorial choices that transform [it]…into something quite wonderful indeed.” – Maryland Theatre Guide

Hamlet is the inaugural production by new local company We Happy Few Productions. Playing now through July 28 at Mead Theatre Lab at Flashpoint, Hamlet is part of the 7th Annual Capital Fringe Festival.

Visit www.wehappyfewdc.wordpress.com for more information and to purchase tickets.

Click on the review below to read in its entirety:

“If you are looking for a night of intriguing ideas and unexpected surprises, go see Hamlet! This is a new approach to Shakespeare you will not want to miss.” – DC Metro Theatre Arts

“It’s an interesting take on a great play, and anyone who enjoys Hamlet should see it…it’s a play worth seeing and a production worthy of its namesake.” – DC Theatre Scene

“This Hamlet must not be missed.” – Maryland Theatre Guide

We Happy Few was founded by Hannah Todd and Raven Bonniwell at the beginning of 2012. Our mission is to present stripped down, small cast, ensemble productions with a group of talented artists, providing unique perspectives on classic texts.

*Actors are appearing under a special agreement with Actors Equity Association

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