Everything Old is New Again: Rediscovering ROMEO AND JULIET

For this year’s Capital Fringe Festival, We Happy Few tackled an almost 400 year old play by William Shakespeare. ROMEO AND JULIET is frequently taught, frequently read, and frequently staged. So why did we chose to take on this classic? First, we injected a new artistic concept (see our older posts for more on this). And of course, we love to take on a challenge. But we also know that revisiting this play will open up new ideas for us and bring to light some connections that we had never made before. Using this new perspective, we hope that our audience also comes away from the show feeling that it isn’t just the “same old story” but that ROMEO AND JULIET now has new meaning to them.

There’s a reason that ROMEO AND JULIET is so popular. It’s a damn good play, and arguably one of Shakespeare’s best. In our last cast interview video of this series, the actors in our production discuss the things that surprised them during the process of staging ROMEO AND JULIET. Enjoy!


Our very last performance of ROMEO AND JULIET is on stage this evening at Source. Be sure to get a ticket! Don’t miss a wonderful opportunity to revisit this classic tragedy with us.


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