“Boys Will Be Boys”

We Happy Few’s ROMEO AND JULIET has been well received by audiences and critics after 5 performances. Just 4 shows remain, so get a ticket now! The masculine nature of our rendition of the play has been praised by reviewers.

Washington City Paper says, “The testosterone overload is by design. We Happy Few wants to emphasize the way that violent masculinity leads to the bloodbath at the end of this tragic tale…. it actually enhances the text.”

DC Theatre Scene says of the choice to cast male actors in all female roles besides Juliet’s, “The effect of this casting decision is, in some scenes, hilarious and others, heartbreaking… Juliet’s allies are a part of the society keeping her from her goals, which adds an entire new layer to the timeless story.”

In our next video with the cast of ROMEO AND JULIET, the actors discuss the artistic vision for the show, and how well the concept works within the male-dominated society Verona’s feuding families have created.


As the Washington Post says, “Boys will be boys- and therein lies Verona’s misfortune.” And that’s exactly what we’re going for.

PS. Be sure to read the other stellar review for ROMEO AND JULIET from DC Metro Theater Arts and be sure to see this tragic tale of “star-crossed lovers” as you’ve never seen it before.


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