Crowd-Sourcing and Crowd Pleasing

We Happy Few is going into the breach once more! We have taken the plunge into crowd-sourced funding by launching a Kickstarter campaign for our upcoming production of THE TEMPEST. You can find the project information and video here: For the most part, the page speaks for itself. We Happy Few is devoted to sharing ALL box office proceeds of THE TEMPEST with the artists in the show, and therefore also devoted to raising ALL funds needed for production beforehand. So now, we look to our wonderful followers, fans, friends, and family to support us. Every dollar truly does count. That dollar could be the difference between costuming just seven or all eight members of the cast. It could mean rehearsing in safe spaces such as dance studios versus crowded living rooms. Please consider donating today…or sometime in the next 27 days.

We are so excited to bring you the best possible version of THE TEMPEST that we could possibly create. The Kickstarter video explains the basis of our vision AND even has a sneak-peek at some of the original music you’ll be hearing in the show. Are you interested? Do you want to talk with us about the show? Would you like to meet us in person or maybe even give us a high-five? Then come visit us at one of our upcoming WHF events, and let’s chat! Our Kickstarter Kickoff was such a success that we’ll be continuing to chat up our supporters, donors, and friends at events throughout the winter and spring. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details. While you’re at it, you might as well follow us on Twitter too. After all, we’re all about sharing our journey with you!


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