Oh Oh, it’s Magic

We Happy Few’s THE TEMPEST is starting to take shape. The script is in its final stages and slowly-but-surely the artistic vision is emerging.

What makes this show special? We are reimagining THE TEMPEST on a living, breathing island- its primal magic conjured in the bodies and voices of a seven-actor ensemble. The omniscient Prospero stands apart, wielding the island’s power to manipulate monsters and spirits, kings and drunkards, a treacherous brother, and a daughter in love. But is harnessing the magic of the island for one’s own ends really worth the isolation it brings?

The most difficult part of staging THE TEMPEST has always been making it truly magical. At WHF, we believe there is nothing more magical than watching actors on a stage create a world. As such, WHF’s THE TEMPEST will follow in the company’s tradition of stripped-down productions, focusing on using the actors themselves to produce the entirety of this world. Just as the ensemble will build the world of the island, they will also create all the magic that happens – not with sleight-of-hand, but with the movement of their bodies. Additionally, the sound of the world will all be created with only the actors’ voices and bodies – including original music composed for the production. Along with these elements, WHF will continue its signature focus on maintaining the integrity of Shakespeare’s text while exploring it from an exciting new angle.

Stay tuned for more details about THE TEMPEST– there will be many more to come!

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