One Year Older, One Year More Awesome-er

Happy New Year! We’ve completed a fantastic year with so many good things. It was a landmark because 2012 was the year of our birth!

We Happy Few is proud to announce upcoming projects for 2013, our new most-favoritest year. We’ll be busy for the next few months working on our take of Shakespeare’s THE TEMPEST, to be performed in May. Hannah Todd will direct this production focusing on the primal magic of a living, breathing island, conjured in the bodies and voices of a seven-actor ensemble. Watch out for a few smaller projects as well; we hope that we can help to cultivate a thriving environment for up-and-coming ideas in the theatre biz. Join us, won’t you?

We’d like to take this time to thank those folks who have supported us for the past year, whether in donations of time, money, or supplies, or in ticket purchases and shows attended. We have big dreams for 2013, and we can only accomplish them with the help of our friends and supporters. We’ll be posting a lot more information about our projects here on our website, so visit frequently and look for us around DC this winter and spring!


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